Chat to do tasks,

not just to talk tasks.

Chats with your coworkers on Chattodo will become accountable tasks, with just a touch on such chatted messages. With hash tags, they will become organised too. It’s magical ✨🎩✨.

Experience a never seen before output in productivity from a mere chatting app, without ever leaving its simple native interface.

A fundamentally new social network designed as a simpe productive chat app for teams, friends and families that find it difficult to be productive on Whatsapp, FB, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Collaborative bookmarking or collections leading to actionable feeds by putting mere hashtags on any text on any screen. This transmutes our chat app into a new kind of a social network.

Improved text/voice note making and sharing experience on the orange universal type bar, no matter what screen you are on.

With Chattodo, everyone in your organization can instantly connect, share and get work done more efficiently – no matter where they are and how they work. Increase transparency, accountabilty, productivity, eliminate hierarchies and make a big company swift, with a truly simple enterprise-grade social networking platform.